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Amaranth is a genuine pharmacy that is located in kano state, Dorayi Babba behind Afforestation link 14 before Kuntau science Academy.

At amaranth pharmacy. ltd, we provide our clients with the right medication and offer excellent adv‪ice and guidance on the selection and use of drugs. we are involved in the sales of genuine drugs, consultation by a pharmacist on duty and checking of blood pressure. We are opened daily from 10:00a.m to 10:00pm. We feel that healthcare should be given more attention because without one being healthy, all other aspects of life would retard accordingly. We also feel pharmacies and instant basic check-up services are not many enough in the northern parts of Nigeria, therefore these services must be seriously stressed upon because it influences the lives of many people. The saying that "health is wealth" means alot to us because really, without good health condition humans are not able to participate well or even participate at all in "life" . Amaranth feels there is need for pharmacies to engage in basic health checkups so as to reduce the number of people dieing due to lack of money to go to the hospital , that is why we offer immediate, cheap and good health checkups. We also offer first aid services to those in need.



Join us to fight against self-medication and drug abuse

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Self-Medication is the act of taking particular drugs/pills without a proper prescription or prescription at all. Self-medication is common to many people, this is because people take the issue so lightly that they never think of making amendments, it is a human behaviour in which an individual uses a substance or any exogenous influence to self-administer treatment for often unmanaged, undiagnosed physical or psychological ailment.. Self medication is a big cause for drug abuse. Alot of people abuse drugs because they are in possession of the drugs without any sort of prescription. Join us today to spread the word and eradicate this menace. As different drugs have different effects, they may be used for different reasons. According to the self-medication hypothesis (SMH), the individuals' choice of a particular drug is not accidental or coincidental, but instead, a result of the individuals' psychological condition, as the drug of choice provides relief to the user specific to his or her condition. Specifically, addiction is hypothesized to function as a compensatory means to modulate effects and treat distressful psychological states, whereby individuals choose the drug that will most appropriately manage their specific type of psychiatric distress and help them achieve emotional stability.



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