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Latest News:

December 25, 2013
Parakou interior designs now helps in designing restaurants
December 18, 2013
Parakou interior designs now helps in designing offices.


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Welcome to Parakou Interior Design!

Parakou interior design is an Interior decor/furniture company specializing in the decoration and enhancement of living areas to reflect personality and provide a relaxing atmosphere for homes, living quarters, hotels, guest houses and offices et al.

Parakou interior design is a professionally orientated company, backed by a qualified design team, supplemented by our manufacture, installation and retail departments.

Our Mission and Vision:

  • Mission and Vision
    To offer you the latest interior design trends, ideas, contemporary architecture and design.Parakou interior design, with respect for past accomplishments of Interior Design leaders, strives to create a strong niche for the most talented and visionary Interior Design professionals, to elevate the profession to the level it warrants, and to lead the way for the next generation of Interior Design innovators. The Association provides a forum to demonstrate design professionals’ impact on the health, safety, well being and virtual soul of the public, balancing passion for good design and strategy for best business practices. IIDA stands at the intersection of passion and strategy where designers create extraordinary interiors and experiences.